National Distribution

We are one of the largest distributors of consumer goods operating in Romania through 6 sales divisions: 3 food divisions, 2 beverage divisions : Autochthonous,  Horeca/ Import and 1 non-food division.

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We distribute monthly to more than 12,000 points of sale in 25 counties our portfolio products: sweets, coffee, ice cream, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, hygiene products for babies and women.

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What makes us a trusted partner?

We are dedicated to providing quality distribution nationwide.We value the importance of following daily visits by our sales agents, delivering goods on the scheduled day, counseling and active involvement in order to ensure business success for our partners. By implementing a fast decision-making system, we are able to respond quickly to all their demands and needs.

Simba Invest from the beginning to the present – Focus on solutions

Challenge: Building a distribution system based on direct sales force and own logistics.

Solution: We changed the rules

We went to the clients instead of waiting for them to come to us and we offered them an additional service. With small steps, we have built up a relationship of collaboration, based on trust and respect.

Challenge: Maintaining during recession a network of 20,000 clients with different needs and dispersed throughout Romania.

Solution: We invested in people, fleet, logistics and systems.

We have created and developed a complex and totally computerized logistics network, including warehouses, cars, commercial and distribution agents.

We lead by qualitative, responsible, efficient and free spirit!

We have strengthened the image of a serious, reliable and trustworthy partner on the market and we want to stay that way.

We have tried to offer our clients a quality collaboration and they have preferred ourselves due to the professionalism of our sales colleagues, their attitude, conduct, keeping the schedule deliveries agreement, excellent communication and involvement in their business.

We are eager to fix any problem or situation that does not represent us. We are constantly requesting feedback from the customers, but we are also concerned with the internal processes of the organization at the distribution and logistics level.

We have built through our specialized sales force, direct and proactive relationships with our customers, trying to meet their needs even if that meant making efforts to bring them some products we didn’t had in our portfolio.